Word Association

I’m camped on the riverfront at Bulahdelah, a strange sounding name for a place, and in the back of my mind there’s been a name trying to come forward that Bulahdelah reminds me of.

Beulah? Is it Beulah? This isn’t it but I google it anyway – and learn something new ….

No! The name that has been lurking is Tallulah! Did I say in my headline that this FREE word association? Is there any similarity between Bulahdelah, Beulah and Tallulah?

Tallulah Bankhead! Actress from a different era. Now that’s someone worth googling.

This bio from Wikipedia does say she had an outrageous personality and I soon discovered she was just as famous for her quotes.

There’s a couple of favourites in there for me 🤣🤣🤣

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this bit of nonsense as much as I have enjoyed researching it.

Bulahdelah …. funny sounding name!