Wizzbang Woes in Waikerie

What’s a wizzbang? Brutus the Beast is a wizzbang, you know those vans with sliding side doors that go ‘wizz ‘ as you slide them and ‘bang’ as you slam them shut!

Campervan on a truck

Well Brutus went bang all right – he backfired so badly he blew out the muffler – and after a few coughs and splutters he died on the side of the road 😥

Here he is being trucked into Waikerie as he wasn’t going to go anywhere under his own steam.

Broken down campervan on a truck

We were dropped off at a mechanics workshop and they worked all afternoon to get Brutus mobile again and …. yay…. they did it! My home on wheels is back on the road!

I’ve ‘wizzed’ out of Waikerie and found a nice spot beside the Murray River to lick my wounds, crossing it on a ferry on the way.

Cadell Ferry, South Australia

I love these ferry crossings. They operate 24/7 and go when there’s someone waiting. They are a wonderful reminder to slow down and let someone else take control of the situation. And, they are free!

And now Brutus has been fixed, so am I!