Maps and Apps

Remember when you pulled out a paper map to plot your route to your destination.

 Camps Australia Wide

Well, I still do that to see the ‘big picture’, then I go straight to an App for the finer details. My App of choice is WikiCamps (costs around $8 and worth every cent!)

WikiCamps Australia App

I can search for sites close to me

WikiCamps Australia App

View them on a map … this is the map of my trip around the Silo Art Trail. The red line shows where I’ve been, the green line where I’m planning to go.

WikiCamps Australia App

I can also read the comments left by other campers to help me decide if this place is somewhere I’d enjoy.

WikiCamps Australia App

So, I’ve chosen my camp site but I’ve driven along the river bank for a couple of kilometres so I don’t know exactly where I am. Here’s where Google Maps comes in …..

Google Maps App

It pinpoints exactly where I am!

Then inRoute, another free app (free for basic usage), will tell me how far it is from one point to another. For example, in April I have to leave The Man From Snowy River Festival to travel to Melbourne for a medical appointment. inRoute tells me what I need to know.

inRoute app

Hmm! I’m going to have to leave on the Sunday or I’ll never make my early Monday appointment 😬

Love my Apps! So easy to cross reference one to the other and after looking at my map book they’re all in one place – on my phone 📱