Tagging Along Day 2

Well, today started beautifully with my friend Kathy knocking at my door with a freshly brewed coffee and a cuddle with Angus.

Angus started my day with a smile.

The second leg of our journey was only 100 kms to Kershaw Gardens in Rockhampton. The council provides a free camp for travellers in a great location next to a major shopping centre. This encourages us to spend our money in their town stocking up with food, fuel and sometimes repairs. it’s a win win for them and us 😊

I had barely gone 200 metres up the road as I left Calliope when Brutus’s temperature gauge went sky high so I pulled off the road and called for Roadside Assistance. They arrived, organised a tow truck, and I was on my way to Gladstone instead of Rocky to find out what the problem was!

With dollar signs flashing before my eyes 🤑🤑🤑 I was pleasantly surprised to find it was only a faulty gauge and nothing seriously amiss. Gladstone Radiators sent me on my way, at no cost to me, and assured me no damage was done ! Wheew!

As I was now way behind the tagalong group I stopped in a paddock across from the Bajool pub for the night, sharing the campground with huge trucks hauling buildings to a new location.

A quick stopover the next day for fuel and food and I soon caught up with my fellow travellers.

On my Facebook page on a Monday I always post a Monday Motivation. How appropriate that on Tuesday Kathy started my day with a smile and the day finished with a smile knowing that there’s was nothing seriously wrong with my little campervan- and my friends were all waiting for me at the next campground.

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