Tagging Along- Day 6

We made the most of our last day at Brandybottle Campground and took advantage of the free golf available here. (included in our very reasonable camping fees)

Plenty of golf clubs to choose from and great company for a ‘hit and giggle‘ round. I hit a par on the first hole … and we won’t talk about what happened after that! 😱

Ooops! Missed the ball!

We all had several shots just like Dave’s in the picture above … nearly wrenched our shoulders out of their sockets going for a massive shot … but missed the ball totally 😂😂😂

It took us two hours to play the first 5 holes so we decided to stop and have a thirst quenching beer … and we never did make it back to finish the last 4 holes!

I can’t recommend this wonderful campground enough. Jacky is the perfect hostess, full of energy and fun. Every night she has made and sold a delicious home cooked meal that most of us took advantage of.

Community bar and eating area.

Travelling is all about enjoying different experiences. I’ve loved being here at Brandybottle but tomorrow we are off to enjoy a riverside camp on a farm property. There’s sure to be a campfire, potatoes cooked in the coals … and perhaps some magic flames?

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