Tagging Along- Day 7

Today we dragged ourselves away from the delightful Brandybottle Campground and headed to our next stopover at Ilbilbie.

We travelled a massive 41kms today – we don’t want to overdo it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ – to our destination at Riverside RV Camping. This camp is on a working farm and the owner allows campers onto the flat grassy area leading to the creek.

Riverside RV Camp at Ilbilbie Qld

It’s the first time we have had a campfire on our tagalong so we bought some potatoes to cook in the coals and everyone scratched around in their motorhome to find something to make them better than a plain old spud! Our little camp table was soon full of butter, salt & pepper, grated cheese and bacon bits cooked over the coals. And the potatoes were cooked perfectly and tasted delicious with all the goodies on top πŸ˜‹

As the fire – and the fireside chat – died down – we made our way back to our RV’s, to the sound of cattle lowing and night birds calling. Another day, another joyful experience 😎🚐

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