Bedside Books 📚

Today’s daily prompt for Bloganuary is “What book is next on your reading list?”

I’ve always been an avid reader with a pile of books to choose from for my next read. I prefer fiction and love books where the author has researched an area or event and builds a story around their research.

Judy Nunn is an Australian author who I just can’t get enough of, particularly as my travels have taken me to many areas she weaves her stories around. “Showtime” is her latest book and when I finish reading an old John Grisham, The Broker, it will be next on my list.

I love turning the pages of a book so I’m not a fan of reading on a tablet or Kindle and because my life relies on solar power to keep my ‘house’ battery charged in my campervan the less things that draw on that power the better.

Consequently I haven’t had a television since 2013 and books play a very important role in my life.

5 thoughts on “Bedside Books 📚

  1. Very well written. I don’t have a TV for 25 years now (and increasing…). Our generation prefers books over stupid reality shows that flatten the brain. I don’t really miss the “smell of books” as these days they don’t have such. As an author and a publishing house owner, I prefer eBooks, especially for the sake of saving the trees. Also, what does one do after reading paper books? They accumulate for no reason, in my opinion. People very rarely reread books, and if they do – they may read a book maximum twice. I don’t think it worth the space they occupy in homes. It’s better to have books in libraries for more people to be able to read them


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