There’s No Connection!

Photo by Alison Davenport

For the last few days I have been camping on a private property near Bundaberg (Qld). It was relaxing and enjoyable with my local motorhome group The Kingfishers. The setting was beautiful, as you can see in the photo, and the company fun to be with BUT …

phone and internet reception was almost nonexistent!

Now, that wouldn’t worry a lot of people … but it worries me! I start to get really twitchy after a day or two of no phone service. It certainly makes me realise how involved I am with my Facebook groups as an Admin and my committee role with my motorhoming friends in the Solos Network.

And I look like an idiot walking around with my phone held high over my head waving to and fro trying to get a signal.

This is the start of my next year or two of travelling so I’ll have to get used to it I guess! I’ve been to some of these places before and once you go about a kilometre from a town there is no reception… sooo frustrating! And that could last for a few hundred kms!

There’s nothing more exciting than driving along an outback highway and your phone starts to ping frantically as it catches up on days of missed calls, emails and other notifications. It’s time to pull off the road and play catch-up before we are out of range again!

Travelling outback roads

I guess it’s a minor problem in the great scheme of things .. I really am truly grateful for the lifestyle I have so if that’s all I have to complain about I’m very lucky.

Now, which way did I have to face for my phone to connect to post this blog?

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