A Cow Licked My Toes ðŸ˜‚

After leaving Litchfield National Park we took two days to travel roughly 260 kilometres to our next camp at Manbulloo Homestead Caravan Park. We stopped in Katherine on the way where we stocked up on food and drinks for the next leg of our journey.

Catch up with Solo friends at Manbulloo

We caught up with old friends here … and made new ones! 😊 I had them eating out of my hand 😂😂

Indonesian Buffalo pets.

It was here I also caught up with my Facebook friend, John, who works at Manbulloo. We had met briefly in 2014 at Kata Juta and stayed in touch ever since. He really looked after us Solos, bringing in extra tables for our shared meal and arranging a special animal feeding tour for us.

John Jarman at Manbulloo
John & I at Manbulloo

John has a special bond with animals on the property- even these huge Brahman bulls that come up to him for a cuddle.

We clambered onto the tray of the ute and went off to feed the feet licking cows 🤪

Here they come!

What a crazy experience! Rough sloppy cows tongues chasing pellets from between our toes … wouldn’t have missed it for the world 😂😂.

Thanks John – I ticked something off my bucket list that hadn’t even been on it until today!

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