What were you doing back then?

It’s a wet, grey day here at Gumma today. From wearing as little as possible over the last few days, today’s weather calls for long sleeves and long pants. How things change!

The changeable weather combined with a blog I follow (Living!) has challenged me to look back over my five and a bit years of travelling and ask “What was I doing/posting on this day last year, the year before and the year before that”. So here we go!


This time last year I was house sitting on the Sunshine Coast and looking after this little cutie, Chai.



I was in Tasmania preparing for our Solos Motorhome Rally to be held in February 2017. I had chosen the theme “Life is Magic” and this photo popped up on Facebook. I love it!

Sparkle wherever you go


The little town of Balingup in Western Australia was a quirky stopover on the way to the Bridgetown Blues Festival.

Balingup Western AustraliaIMG_5646Balingup


I went wild over wildflower season in Western Australia and found some wonderful camping spots with wildflowers everywhere. These donkey orchids were at Buntine Rocks.

Donkey Orchids


I was so new to this travelling life! My sister, Marion, had joined me from Tasmania and we spent some time together in Southern New South Wales and Victoria, but on this day we were in Avoca, Victoria and this little bank caught my eye.


It was in Avoca that I was inspired to write my poem, On Ya Bike, after travelling behind dozens of riders on the Pyrenees Highway. If you’d like to read it, here is the link to my other blog where it is published – On Ya Bike


Brutus the Beast, my campervan, was a fairly recent addition to the family and I was still working. It was around this time that I picked up my sister, Marion, from the Brisbane airport and we headed to Bundaberg. On the way we stopped at Woodgate Beach and here we are celebrating the successful erection of The Awning! Any excuse to have a glass of bubbles ….


Photos are a wonderful reminder and a great way to relive our experiences and adventures aren’t they!

Do you know what you were doing this time last year, the year before and the year before that?