Fancy a Drop?

We dropped into Chateau Tahbilk Winery at Nagambie today, needing to get out of the house after sitting in the air conditioning for the last few days as the temperature climbed over 40 degrees Celcius. It was only a couple of degrees cooler today but how long can you sit in a living room without going stir crazy?

Chateau Tahbilk Vineyard, Nagambie, Victoria

The long drive way leading to the Cellar Door is flanked by Heritage listed White Mulberry trees, twisted and gnarled to look like grotesque caricatures designed to frighten small children.

Chateau Tahbilk (6)

It’s a magnificent welcome to this lovely old winery, established in 1860.

What did we drink today? Well, it was only 10 o’clock in the morning so we made do with hot strong coffee and cool water as we sat on the deck overlooking the river.

Chateau Tahbilk, Nagambie, Victoria

Chateau Tahbilk, Nagambie, Victoria

Oh, and we shared a citrus tart ….. Cheers!