Arcades & Laneways

Melbourne has the most beautiful, diverse and interesting arcades and laneways.

Cathedral Arcade, Melbourne

They are home to exclusive boutiques, busy cafes, art galleries, shops specialising in silks, lambswool and leather all housed in these historic precincts that make Melbourne such a vibrant city.

Cathedral Arcade, Melbourne

Block Arcade is one of my favourites with its spectacular ceilings and floors.

Block Arcade, Melbourne Block Arcade, Melbourne uBlock Arcade, Melbourne

And Royal Arcade featuring Gog and Magog, two grotesque figures that gave me nightmares as a child.

Gog & Magog, Royal Arcade, Melbourne

Royal Arcade, Melbourne

What about Post Office Lane, a narrow little hideaway for this ‘hole in the wall’ cafe.

Post Office Lane, Melbourne

Melbourne was my home town until 1982. I loved the city then – and I loved rediscovering it today.

PS: Qantas have produced a definitive guide to Melbourne’s Laneways and Arcades that you can find Here