This is Cool!

That exclamation, This is Cool, sounds so out of date now but it’s exactly what my new little air conditioner does for me.

Transcool Portable Air Conditioner
My little life saver!

It only has a small space to cool and it is going to be one of my favourite purchases of all time. It runs off my 12 volt system or through a transformer and draws very few amps.

With a week of temperatures hovering around 40degrees Celsius coming up, this little baby from Transcool is going to stop me going heat crazy at night by giving me a decent night’s sleep.

A small cube and weighing only 1 1/2 kg all I have to do is put in some water, plug it in and switch it on.

Loving it already 💕💕

Here’s some info from the Transcool website if you’re a traveller like me and want to keep cool in these extreme temperatures.

Transcool Portable Air ConditionerTranscool Portable Air Conditioner