Melbourne Freeway Art

I’ve recently been in Melbourne and I’m blown away with the fabulous shapes that highlight different parts of the Citylink freeway there.

The International Gateway to Melbourne is dominated by huge orange ‘carrot sticks’ that angle up towards a single yellow beam ….

Melbourne International Gateway
Gateway to Melbourne on Citylink

The Bolte Bridge has two tall poles that reach for the sky …..

The Bolte Bridge Melbourne
The Bolte Bridge

…. and looks spectacular at night ….

The Bolte Bridge at night
The Bolte Bridge at night

The Sound Tube is also on the CityLink and you’ve gotta love this description found on

Tube tunnel has its own nickname, having become known locally as ‘Jeff’s condom’ after Jeff Kennett, the state Premier when the humungous sheath was built.


Off to the side of the road this amazing art will catch your eye ….

Power Street Loop photo from SMH
The Power Street Loop

As I entered the Freeway to Melbourne the road is lined with angled blue poles that reflect the light and change their hue as you approach them ….

Melbourne Freeway Art

Thank goodness for the internet as there is no way I would have been able to stop and take these photos that show Melbourne’s spectacular freeway art. Congratulations Melbourne!