Back on the Silo Art Trail

I am now in north eastern Victoria where they have also developed a Silo Art Trail. Using my campground as a base I went off to explore today.

Map NE Victoria Silo Art Trail

My first stop was Goorambat, only a few kilometres from ‘home base ‘ at Broken Creek Bush Camp. These silos were painted by Dvate and the owl is an endangered species in this area.

Goorambat Silo ArtGoorambat Silo ArtGoorambat Silo ArtGoorambat Silo Art

There is a delightful bonus at Goorambat if you visit the Uniting Church which features this magnificent mural behind the altar, painted by street artist Adnate.

Mural in Goorambat church

Mural in Goorambat church

Who would imagine this unassuming little church would be home to such a beautiful feature!

Uniting Church Goorambat Victoria Uniting Church Goorambat Victoria

There’s more to share with you over the next couple of days plus a work in progress I discovered on a silo in the little town of Saint James. 😊🚐