The Man From Snowy River – Day 1

The festival starts officially today although most of our group have been in our camp sites since Monday.

Man From Snowy River statue in Corryong

Every day so far there have been damper cook-offs within our group. We’ve had plain, savoury, one made with raisins soaked in port and another made with Guinness. Here’s the Drunken Raisin one in photos taken by one of our Solo members, Gail Hayes.

Damper with port & raisins

The camp ovens have been given a work out and the coals in the campfire only need stirring to start up again.

The days have been warm and sunny and although the nights have been chilly it’s made us appreciate the campfire even more.

Campfire at Corryong

And the sunsets have been gorgeous and golden.

Sunset at Corryong

I’m looking forward to sharing the events with you over the next couple of days.

Man From Snowy River programme