Silo Art Trail Update

Since sharing the Silo Art Trail in NE Victoria with you only about a month ago there are some new additions to see.


Goorambat painted silo, Victoria

These Clydesdales, Clem, Sam and Banjo, have been added by artist Dvate next to the owl and farm scene of the originals.

Goorambat painted silo, Victoria


Melbourne artist, Cam Scale, has added a Lighthorseman to the medics at Devenish.Silo Art at Devenish Victoria

St James

Not only has the silo featuring G.J.Coles been completed he has been joined by three other painted silos! Tim Bowtell is the artist.

Silo Art at St James Victoria The detail is amazing …..

Silo Art at St James Victoria Silo Art at St James Victoria Each of the little towns that showcase these fabulous art works was humming with activity, with cars and people everywhere. I truly hope it brings business to these places but I guess that also depends on whether those businesses, such as the pubs and stores, are prepared to cater to the influx of tourists to their towns.

For these small villages, times are certainly a’changing.