Brewery Flat Reserve

Brewery Flat Reserve is just on the outskirts of Narrandera in New South Wales.

As the name suggests it was once home to a brewery, but judging by the state of the building not for some time.

Brewery Flat Reserve, Narrandera NSW

I’m not sure if the tower was important in the brewing process – or to make the brew important !

Brewery Flat Reserve, Narrandera NSW

Lincoln’s Oakbank Brewery has certainly left an interesting landmark at this free campsite.

There is also a little creek running through the camp with a causeway at either end and I imagine it would flow into the nearby Murrumbidgee River. The night noises of owls, frogs and insects lulled me to sleep.

Brewery Flat Reserve, Narrandera NSW

I love it when towns offer these opportunities to stay close by, especially on waterways and with fascinating buildings nearby. Thanks Narrandera!