I’m heartsick with the hatred of anarchistic actions,

The anger and destruction of demonstrating factions.

This time George Floyd is their excuse to run rampant through a town

Justice isn’t on their mind as they tear society down.

Where is the love? Where is the universal love for others?

The tolerance for differences among our world wide brothers

The love that wants to build us up and not destroy in anger

That looks for the positive ways to peace, not react with violent danger.

Black lives matter, well so does mine, our survival is not separated

History doesn’t change when statues are removed or desecrated

Passions run high, beliefs are strong all fuelled by media stories

Does anyone bother to check the facts before lashing out in fury?

The differences that make us a vibrant alive community

Should not become the reasons for acting with impunity

We are all responsible for our own lives and actions

And I refuse to be dictated to by those anarchistic factions!

* thoughts of many, words of Rosemary Robinson 17.06.2020