I Loved My Mama Doll

My bloganuary challenge today is to write about my favourite toy as a child.

Growing up in the early post war years many toys were hand made and home made and certainly nothing like the profusion of toys available today. But my Mama doll was a real bought toy that cried “Mama” when you tipped her over. Her legs and arms moved and she had a face that wasn’t knitted or cloth and it looked like real skin!

Her eyes closed when I laid her down … well that was until I poked one to see what would happen. She always looked a bit cross-eyed after that and her eyelid never quite opened again 🙄

Nanna knitted and crocheted gorgeous outfits for her and I would dress her up and have tea parties with her.

Tea Party time c 1950

There she is in pride of place sitting at the head of the table, holding court and making sure all the other dollies behaved – although it appears pussy cat wasn’t too impressed!

Today there are whole shops dedicated to toys, some worth hundreds of dollars, but my chubby little Mama doll was worth the world to me ❤️

7 thoughts on “I Loved My Mama Doll

  1. I wonder for how long have you had her. I had a similar doll, but I can’t remember when she disappeared, but that surely happened after I ripped of her limbs. I was curious to see how far they would stretch…

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  2. I’m not sure dolls are ‘politically correct’ these days but mine certainly gave me a lot of pleasure. I’m happy to say I have well and truly outgrown them, although I do have a travelling Teddy that joins me in my campervan 😊


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