Laugh More, Live Longer

Sometimes I join a club because I like it’s motto. Laugh More, Live Longer is the motto of the RV Club I belong to … and I’ve found this is more than a motto, it’s a way of life.

When I first began my nomadic life 8 years ago I remember telling someone that I felt happy from the inside out and even now laughter comes easily from a place of joy deep within and bubbles below the surface waiting for an opportunity to erupt.

I often hear others laughing long and loud. I’m more of a quiet laugher often laughing inside over things that amuse me. But give me a good British comedy and there’s no holding back. Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, John Cleese, Dawn French …

Dawn French in The Vicar of Dibley

I joined a club called the Wizzbangers (that’s a campervan like mine with a sliding side door that goes whizz as you open it and Bang! as you close it) because their motto Slide with Pride made me laugh.

Some memes make me laugh 😂

I’ve had a good laugh writing this blog as I’ve scrolled through YouTube for old episodes of favourite shows that have made me laugh out loud and what I’ve discovered is I love the ridiculous for a good guffaw and appreciate the subtle for an inside smile 😊

And I’m definitely a believer in my RV Club motto of “Laugh More, Live Longer”

3 thoughts on “Laugh More, Live Longer

  1. What a charming read 💖 I’m shocked that someone else knows the Vicar of Dibley – around here, I’m definitely the odd man out. But I shall be humming Monty Python now for days 😉


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