My FavouritePhoto

Written in response to a daily prompt for #bloganuary “What is your favourite photo you have ever taken?”

I have hundreds of photos of my travels around Australia… how to choose a favourite? 🤔 I’m going to cheat and share two of them 😊

Elephant Cove, Denmark WA

Elephant Cove is a favourite because of the way I found it! After viewing Elephant Rocks, so named because of their shape like a herd of elephants, I kept walking down the track a little further and came across a narrow fissure between two large rocks. I squeezed through and this stunning, pristine cove was revealed. The sea, the sand, the giant boulders off shore- everything about it had instant appeal.

My second favourite is also of the sea. It was taken at Nambucca Heads in NSW and I love the contents and the composition.

Nambucca Heads NSW

I hope you enjoy these favourites of mine too.

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