Smell the Red Gum

Sometimes I wish there was ‘smellovision’ to share evocative aromas and this was certainly true when I visited Arbuthnot Sawmill in Koondrook, Victoria recently.

As soon as we alighted from the bus on this tour organised by our Solos Rally team the smell of red gum timber filled the air. Breathe it in! It smells of the Aussie bush!

We wandered along an elevated walkway and watched as huge logs were cut to maximise their use. There is no wastage here! The timber offcuts become firewood, wood chips or sawdust – every last bit of it is used in some way.

Our sawmill tour finished at the Men’s Shed where local fellows had made a variety of products from red gum timber.

The Mens Shed was in this old timber building …

… with an interesting addition at the rear!

I wonder if that’s how they built it?? Or is it an example of “Did the earth move for you?” 😂😂

Living in an RV restricts purchasing large items but this cute little fridge magnet red gum mouse caught my eye so he is now travelling around Australia with me.

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