Noice, Different, Unusual!

How else can I describe our latest adventure, dining out at the local pub, but by using the words made popular by that funny comedy duo, Kath & Kim!

The local pub at Three Springs

We’re in the little town of Three Springs. There’s a food store, a pub and a free camp behind the swimming pool. Whenever we have free camping offered by these little towns we try to spend our money there, buying groceries, fuel and eating out.

There are 6 Solos currently camped here so we decided to go to the pub for dinner together.

At 10 to 6 we began ordering our meals when we were told that the cook was away catering for the football club dinner at the local hall and wouldn’t be back to start our meals until 7 pm. That’s ok! We’ll sit at the bar, watch the football finals on TV and have a few drinks. A few more people ordered meals and we settled in for the long haul.

Locals came and went, including a very vocal local woman who gave the barmaid a hard time. 7 pm came and went and there was no sign of food or the cook. Around 7.30 the first food started to appear but they served in the reverse order to how the orders were received! Consequently Sandy and I received our meals last.

John enjoying his pizza

It was a funny night, fuelled by wine, football and finally food. Different! Unusual! But a ‘noice’ time was had by us all 😊

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