The Grotto on the Great Ocean Road

Every turn along the Great Ocean Road reveals another stunning feature

and this one is known as The Grotto.

I didn’t climb down to the lowest level here but I was happy with the view I had of the interesting rock formations that surrounded the grotto.

The stairs seemed to go forever! The thought of the climb back up convinced me not to go down 😮

The Grotto was just east of Peterborough which also offered a beautiful outlook over the Curdies River where it enters the sea.

The area around here is known as The Shipwreck Coast and over 800 vessels have met their fate along these rugged cliffs and treacherous reefs.


I’ll see you further along the coast as we make our way east towards what used to be the Twelve Apostles … some have now crumbled into the sea and I’m not sure how many are left but they are still known as the Twelve Apostles and are the iconic symbol of The Great Ocean Road.

Trivia Question

What is the biggest war memorial in the world?

Answer: The Great Ocean Road

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