How Are You Brave?

Funny thing about bravery … it’s usually something others see in you but not something you recognise in yourself. Things you don’t think twice about are viewed by others as ‘brave’.

But the question is not ‘Are you brave?’It’s ‘HOW are you brave?’ As a solo traveller who leads a nomadic lifestyle I’m often told I’m brave by others. Yet I don’t see my lifestyle as brave as it is my normal existence.

I’m brave when I step out of my comfort zone: do something not so normal for me, something that challenges me to overcome a fear.

We often equate bravery with publicly heroic actions but it’s the little personally heroic actions that define bravery for me … having the courage to stand up for what I believe in, making choices that don’t compromise my principles, stepping out onto that suspension bridge, stating my point of view in the face of opposition … being true to me!

PS. I’m participating in #bloganuary, a challenge to blog daily in response to a prompt. Todays prompt is ‘How are you brave?’

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