Winging It From Derby

It was up, up and away on Thursday as Dave and I took to the sky to experience the famous Horizontal Falls.

Our sea plane

Our 24 hour jam-packed adventure will be the subject of a couple of blogs so today I thought Iā€™d share the patterns created by the river systems flowing into the gulf with huge tide variations of around 10 metres.

See you later Derby! šŸ™‹ā€ā™€ļø
Muddy river water merges with the blue ocean
River flats
A myriad of streams join to spill out to sea

We flew over quite hilly terrain where there were some controlled burns as part of the land management system here.

Controlled Burning

After about a half hour flight we see the Buccaneer Archipelago and catch our first sight of the Horizontal Falls and our destination in Talbot Bay.

Horizontal Falls

Let the adventure begin!