The Old Talgarno Post Office

Despite Googling for information there doesn’t seem to be anything on record about this derelict building, although it has been the subject of artistic interpretation I discovered.

Credit Peter Drummond Art

And this one hangs on the wall in the home on the property. I can’t quite make out the artist’s name … PILUEN maybe? (I apologise for not being able to credit the artist correctly) CORRECTION: I have now been advised the artist is Nevil Pilven.

For now I’m content to capture its character on camera but it certainly tempts me to unpack my paints and put my own interpretation on its tumble down appearance.

If you’re wondering why I have no closeups of this aspect of the old building it’s because the approach is very long grass … and something left this slithery mark in the driveway… and it was heading in the direction of the old Post Office!

😱 I’m not taking any chances! 😱