Kalbarri’s Coastal Cliffs

Driving south from Kalbarri the road winds around the coast with lots of short tracks in to the stunning cliffs.

Some of these little detours had walking tracks to lookouts so we took the one to Natural Bridge and also The Island.

Natural Bridge, Kalbarri
The Island

I wonder if The Island was once a Natural Bridge too? 🤔

The tracks were lined with coastal plants. One of my favourites is the Murchison Rose

but there was this plant that looked like froth that also caught my eye

Such a change of scenery from yesterday’s trip to the river gorges! The Kalbarri National Park certainly offers a diverse landscape from stunning river rock faces to crashing seas and rugged cliffs.

There’s something quite different yet equally spectacular at the end of this drive but I’m saving that up for my next blog 😊

In the meantime I wrote this following blog about my Kalbarri experience when I was last here in 2014. I’m no less impressed this time around!