Leaving Litchfield

After a couple of weeks in and around Darwin it was time to move on and what better way to do it than take the ‘back road’ through Litchfield National Park.

Our first stop was Wangi Falls (pronounced won guy). The pool was closed as a salt water crocodile has made it home but the view of the falls were spectacular.

Travelling buddy Dave enjoying the view
Wangi Falls
How the croc got there!

Our next stop was Buley Rock Holes. I had visited here before but it was so busy I couldn’t get a park and left without viewing it. Look what I’d missed out on!

Buley Rock Holes
Buley Rock Holes
Beautiful natural swimming hole
The shallows at Buley Rock Holes

There was a loop walk from here to Florence Falls of about 5 kilometres but we chose to drive rather than tread the rocky path way. I had visited Florence Falls before but hadn’t viewed it from the lookout so it was a totally different perspective to see it from the top rather than at pool level.

Florence Falls
Last time here I was down there in that pool!

As we left Litchfield we visited the Zebra Stone gallery. These rock formations are truly stunning with their patterns and you wonder what natural phenomena could have caused them billions of years ago.

Zebra Stone looked like melted chocolate.
Patterns within the rock.
So many different patterns- all naturally beautiful.

Today we’ll be back in Katherine and ready to begin our journey west. Tonight is a farewell dinner for those who are returning to the east so there will be some sad goodbyes along with the excitement of exploring new territory. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you. 🚐🚐🚐