Swinging Into York

Our first stop after leaving Perth to begin our trek back to eastern Australia was in the pretty little town of York. From our campsite on the Avon River we crossed a swing bridge to walk into town for coffee and check out the sights.

It was bouncy but I made it to the other side!

Only 100 odd kilometres east of Perth, York shows all the signs of today’s lifestyle in a beautiful historical setting. Old stone buildings, cottage gardens and gourmet coffee shops!

Beautiful rose gardens
Trendy shops full of gourmet delights

It seems like every town has murals these days …

… but not all towns have old fashioned lolly shops!

Informative signs around the town highlight the history of the buildings and give some sense of the development stages of York since the mid 1800’s. The town hall suggests a rich heritage here!

York Town Hall

York is a great stopover and the council is to be congratulated for providing a camp that attracts travellers to visit their beautiful area.

A sign of other times!