Trangie is Full of Surprises

I’ve had a week in Trangie and  a couple of days ago I shared with you my tour of the cotton gin and the wonderful campfires and camaraderie at the Trangie Caravan Park. It is most unusual for me to stay this long in a park but it has been such a pleasant experience I will be sorry to leave tomorrow. Trangie  is on the Mitchell Highway 485 kilometres (301 mi) north west of the state capital Sydney.

Trangie Map

Today’s adventure was a visit to the Aboriginal Cultural Centre here in Trangie. It is in the early stages of development but local families have embraced the opportunity to preserve their history in this setting and have donated many artifacts which are gradually being prepared for display. Here’s a sample of what you can see.

Trangie Aboriginal Centre (1)

I love the story and pictorial representation of this artist’s life.

Trangie has certainly been a town of surprises – and a town I’m glad I took the time to get to know a little better!