Yapang gurraarrbang gayandugayigu

Translated to English from the local indigenous language, Dangghati, this means ‘very long track to the other side’. What an apt description for this 3.2 kilometre bridge spanning the Macleay River and floodplain.

Macleay River Bridge – photo from macleayargus.com

It was only opened in 2013 and is Australia’s longest bridge containing 94 spans, the longest being 112 foot or 34 metres.

This flood occurred not long before the official opening of the bridge and it certainly highlighted the need for it.

Previously communities were isolated by flood waters.

Here’s some more info about the source of this great river, said to be the second fastest flowing river in the world! Macleay River

It certainly is ‘a long track to the other side’, but I’m not sure the aboriginal name for this amazing bridge will ever catch on.