Paradise Found at Nambucca Heads

Oh, how I wish it wasn’t raining. I’d love to show you the sub tropical forest lining the roadway drive into Nambucca Heads, the magnificent coastline where the Nambucca River flows out to the sea, the quirky sculptures that line the river walk and the spectacular views from the Rotary Lookout.

View from my van in the rain

The rain eased enough to capture the view

Where the river meets the sea.
The Nambucca River estuary

If I’m captivated by all this in the rain imagine what I’d be like with blue skies and sunshine.

In the words of General Douglas MacArthur “I shall return”.

PS Today’s trivia – MacArthur spoke those words at the little railway station at Terowie in South Australia after evacuating his wife and family from Darwin during WW2.