The Long Paddock

I wonder if the long paddock is a purely Australian thing or does it have its equivalent in other parts of the world?

The Long Paddock, Australia

With drought affecting so much of Australia’s grazing land in New South Wales and Queensland, it’s not unusual to find herds of cattle feeding on country roadside verges – or the Long Paddock as we call it.

The Long Paddock, Australia

These cattle were spread out along a 10 kilometre stretch of road between Holbrook and Jingellic today as I made my way to my riverside campsite.

Cattle on The Long Paddock, Australia

They are so inquisitive as you drive slowly by and they don’t hesitate to wander out on the road in front of a moving vehicle.

I wasn’t in a hurry so it was a pleasant diversion on my way to this pretty camp on the Murray River.

Jingellic, NSW

I’m guessing this was once a bridge that some past flood washed away but it now makes an interesting outlook as the Murray swirls it’s way towards rapids further downstream.

Life’s good 😎