‘two wheels’ in Tallangatta

As I was driving along a very scenic route from Jingellic to Tallangatta today I was wondering what to write for my Daily Snail blog. Well, wonder no more!


I turned up in Tallangatta today and discover there’s 3000 Lycra clad bicycle riders due in town today as part of the Great Victorian Bike Ride. I think the word for that is synchronicity……..

(Synchronicity  is a concept which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related)

Tallangatta (21)


The town has created a festival around this influx of people with loads of activities for both locals and visitors.

Tallangatta Great Victorian Bike Ride

I’m out of here! The bike riders are coming into town as I am leaving – glad I’m not stuck behind them like these cars!

I leave you with my poem, On Ya Bike,  about this Lycra clad hazard, written after being stuck behind a mob of them on the winding Pyrenees Highway in Victoria some years ago.

And here’s my brief, cheeky rejoinder called The Drivers Revenge