Not a Patch … a Patchewollock

It was hot and humid when I left Lascelles this morning but I couldn’t go before admiring their painted Silos on the Silo Art Trail.

Lascelles Silos, Victoria Lascelles Silos, Victoria

  • At first glance I was disappointed as they seemed to fading into the concrete of the silos, but the more I looked at them the more pleasing I found them. Two ordinary people, the kind of people you find everywhere throughout this country, not fading at all but being at one with their surroundings.
  • The landscape today was one of never ending fields and even though my GPS tried to lead me astray by placing Patchewollock 20kms closer than it was, I finally made it to the last stop on my journey along Victoria’s Silo Art Trail – well, for the north western part of the state at least.
  • Patchewollock Silo Art

  • Patchewollock Silo Art
  • I’m sure he’s looking for rain – and he won’t have long to wait as by the time I had travelled about another 50kms the heavens opened and down it came!
  • What a relief!