Border Control

While Trump wants to build a wall to keep out the Mexicans, at the border of each state and territory in Australia we are confronted by confusing rules about fruit, vegetables, plants, honey and whatever else we may have on board that could contaminate the area we are travelling to. Ignore them at your peril!

Australian state quarantine laws

The fines are steep!

Australian state quarantine laws

This was the bin that ‘ate’ my fruit and vegetables when I crossed from Victoria into South Australia recently. The checkpoint was unmanned but I understand why the restrictions are in place so reluctantly ‘posted’ my apples etc into the bin.

But what about the sign on top? Seriously, has someone tried to climb in there?

Australian state quarantine laws

Each state of Australia has its own border laws to protect its agricultural integrity and as I crossed from Victoria to South Australia I had to say goodbye to all my fresh produce.

Even unopened packets of salads had to go! I’m sure they are the same ones sold on both sides of the border.

Australian state quarantine laws

Perhaps it’s a ploy to boost the economy of the state you are travelling to – spend up to restock all your fresh food as you arrive.

This link tells you all you need to know plus it has a handy downloadable document to use as a reference.

It’s much cheaper to replace a bag of salad and a few pieces of fruit than to cop an on the spot fine for not doing the right thing 😬