Wakey, Wakey, I’m in Waikerie

The cockatoos decided there would be NO sleeping in this morning as they shrieked their wake up call so I was up early for my day of domestic duties.

Photo by Anne Atkinson of cockatoo
Good morning! Are you up yet?

(My niece Anne shared this photo on Facebook today and it fits perfectly with this morning’s experience. Thanks Anne)

Anyhow, that early start gave me plenty of time to visit the local painted silos. They are quite different to the ones on the Victorian Silo Art Trail that I’ve shared with you previously.

Painted Silos at Waikerie South Australia

Their surroundings are far more industrial and they are fenced off from the public.

Painted Silos at Waikerie South Australia Painted Silos at Waikerie South Australia

Love the yabby! I’ve been promised a yabby laksa this weekend when I catch up with friends so I’m getting in the zone already 😉

Just around the corner the Nippy’s Juice Factory was loading a few oranges – a few thousand!

A load of oranges at Nippy’s factory in Waikerie

We are in the Riverland after all and the roads are lined with citrus orchards (and grapevines).

Bet those noisy birds will be back tomorrow morning squarking their heads off. Aaah! The sweet sounds of nature 😬


Image from abc.net.au

PS: You’ve got to love the internet. I just discovered that a flock of cockatoos is called a ‘crackle’

PPS: I’ve just found some fabulous photos and discovered I only saw one half of the silos – I’ll have to go back for another look. Click this link and scroll below the text to see all the views of the Waikerie Silos.