Christie’s Beach and Cheesecake

Sneezing, watery eyes and stuffy nose changed my plans from a mass social gathering of *wizzbangers to a quiet night by myself. That’s not what happened!

Christie’s Beach, Echuca, Victoria
View from my camp at Christie’s Beach

My camping neighbor, Deon, came over with a bottle of red and a cheesecake and I discovered I was feeling social after all. Great company! The people you meet are certainly one of the joys of travelling as I do.

*wizzbangers are vans like my Brutus, some bigger, some smaller, that have a sliding side door that goes wizz when you open it and bang when you close it. Avoided by many in camping areas because of the noise they make. (but not by me, of course 😊🚐)

I’ve joined a Facebook group of Wizzbangers whose slogan is “Slide with Pride” – and I do 😂