Good Things Happen

Good things happen when you sit quietly in a camp site.

Young butcher bird
Mum & dad keeping an eye on the young butcher bird
Young butcher bird keeping an eye on me
Young blue wrens
Female blue wren (red beak) and young male
Young male blue wren still getting his colours
Duck nosing around for a treat
Thirsty magpie – there’s a whole river out there!
Mud lark? Peewee? Think they are now called magpie larks!
Noisy Miner – pesky little birds!
Kookaburra- after some left over sausages 😊
Junior butcher bird brought a friend back
Duck is now feeling right at home!

Pelican remains aloof 😎

And the cockatoos? They came in to roost nearly two hours ago and they’re still screaming at each other!

The silence is broken!