Who IS This Man?

Must be someone famous! He has a silo being painted just for him!

G.J.Coles on St James Silo Art

The artist, Tim Bowtell, was putting the finishing touches to this massive tribute to G.J. Coles who opened his first store in northeastern Victoria and went on to become a household name throughout Australia. Is there anyone out there who hasn’t shopped at a Coles Supermarket?

G.J.Coles on St James Silo Art

You’ll find these silos at St James, just north of Devenish on the North Eastern Victoria Silo Art Trail.

And here’s a message from the artist!

Make sure you get to Benalla (for the Wall to Wall Street Art Festival ) between the 5th-7th April it’s going to be massive! …and feel free to visit me out at St James, I’m here now right up until 18th April 😁

@timbowtellart @northeastartisans

@hammerandserpent #graincorpsiloart #graincorp

Here’s some examples of Benalla Street Art I came across the other day ….

Benalla street artBenalla street artBenalla street artBenalla street art

What a thrill to see one of these massive artworks in progress and I look forward to discovering what will be painted on the adjoining silos. I’ll keep you posted!