Protect Every Life

Day 4 of National Road Safety Week and today’s message is Protect Every Life

I’ve been in a country where rumble strips were on the approaches to school crossings and I think that’s a great idea – not enough to be a nuisance but enough to make you aware of what’s ahead.

Now, for a bone of contention amongst most motorists – bicycle riders. The problem is not that we want to run them down but the way many of them use the road that puts them at risk.

Did you know that a bicycle rider can choose whether or not they ride in a dedicated bicycle lane?

This is one of the major frustrations of motorists!

I took out my frustrations on bike riders by writing this poem called On Ya Bike

Poem by Rosemary RobinsonPoem by Rosemary Robinson

And followed it up with this cheeky little verse ….