A Few Days Away

A few days away from when? In the past or in the future?

I don’t have a crystal ball and today’s weird world is so unpredictable with cancellations and lockdowns so I’ll share with you my few days away this past week.

The motorhome group I belong to had a camp arranged and in spite of coronavirus warnings we decided to go anyway. None of us had travelled overseas recently or showed any symptoms of Covid19 – and we thought the isolation of a bush camping reserve was a healthier place to be than a busy town.

Wolca Reserve was our destination, only about 100kms west of home base.

It was a large, grassy open field with an undercover area for shade and sharing time together – not too close to each other though 😬.

St Patrick’s Day was our excuse to be silly so those with costumes dressed up and we had pancakes with green cream for morning tea.

This little leprechaun really looked the part. 🍀

Although we tried we may not have always maintained a metre and a half distance from each other but we were very aware of our ‘space’ and all agreed we’d rather be out in the fresh air and sunshine with no outside contact than back home in busy crowded towns.

A few days away … my lifestyle makes ‘self isolation’ a breeze. How are you coping?