Not a Happy Camper

Would you believe that after packing Brutus, my campervan, for my next adventure we are yet to leave the backyard?

Brutus in camping mode

Last Wednesday night I should have been camping with friends 200kms away at Allora but Brutus only moved 2 metres before throwing a hissy fit and refusing to go any further…. And after everything I’ve done for him recently!

His new solar panel, lithium battery, solar controller, dc/dc charger and refrigerator had no influence on his desire to travel the open road – as a friend remarked “Some relationships are so one-sided” 😕

Yesterday the problem was diagnosed to be the ignition switch so now I have to wait even longer for the part to arrive from Sydney before it can be fitted and we can finally hit the road again. I’m optimistically aiming for Thursday next week.

That’s what I’m aiming for!

Cross fingers!