A Goanna Wearing Glasses?

My friends who own the Yaraka pub tell a story about a goanna that regularly visited their home.

Photo courtesy Dreamstime.com

Generous Gerry would cut up chunks of meat and toss them into the yard for it as the theory is that goannas deter snakes. Now goannas can be very large and quite scary lizards so I thought this was a brave move on Gerry’s part.

Disaster struck one day when her designer glasses 👓 fell off her face and got thrown out with the meat … and the goanna promptly swallowed them!

In panic mode, wondering how on earth she could get her glasses back, the goanna solved the problem by regurgitating them and spewing them up! Gerry swears that the goannas stomach juices have put a definite permanent green tinge to her good specs!

A clever friend commented with a carton that threatened the goanna would return for the pearl necklace Gerry always wears.

Goanna cartoon

The cartoon hangs proudly on the pub wall and is one of the many talking points at the bar. And Gerry’s glasses now hang around her neck on a chain!