I name them the Glass Houses

And that’s how the Glasshouse Mountains, as they are known today, got their name! They are beautiful, massive, unusual rocky intrusions on the skyline!

Mt Coonowrin
Mt Tibrogagan from the Lookout
Mt Tibrogargan up close & personal
Panorama from Glasshouse Lookout

The sight of the Glasshouse Mountains is no less special today. My cousins Geoff and Lynn are so lucky to live within this area and all these spectacular formations are in their ‘back yard’.

With my cousin Geoff

To learn the traditional story of the formation of the Glasshouse Mountains as told by the Gubbi Gubbi people follow the link below. It also includes information about the many walks and other activities available in each location. the traditional story

Geologically though, they are the result of volcanic activity millions of years ago.

If you’re interested in the the history, nature and culture of the Glasshouse Mountains Click Here to go to the Queensland National Parks Site.

Although the day was grey with drizzling rain it didn’t colour our experience of the spectacular Glasshouse Mountains.

View from Mary Cairncross Park

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