You Know What They Say …

I’m really not too concerned about what others think of me, that’s if they think of me at all!

I know I have been called aloof in the past and I probably am until you get to know me. If you don’t meet me half way in that regard you may always consider me aloof.

It’s interesting reading some of the other blogs on this topic as aloofness seems to be quite a common thread. Is it because bloggers are more on the introverted end of the scale? Or is that an assumption I’ve made?

From an appearance point of view I know a lot of people I travel with assume I have an endless supply of clothes, but with a campervan the size of mine space is at a premium. I’ll admit to having more than I need but by mixing and matching it’s not hard to appear in a ‘new’ outfit every day. There’s no need to look tatty just because I’m camping. Hmmm I guess this might be a fair assumption 😉

To tell you the truth, I honestly don’t think about what you think about me!

Written from the daily prompt for Bloganuary “What do people incorrectly assume about you?”

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