Today is an Ideal Day!

What’s not love about today? As a retiree I have every opportunity to make each day ideal. But do I?

I have no time restraints, no one but me to consider but … I’m a procrastinator! So some of the joy goes out of what could have been ideal days because of that niggling reminder in the back of my mind of what I should have done but haven’t.

For instance, today I should have painted a drawer which would then finish off the interior revamp of my campervan. Did I do it? No! For the third day in a row I chose to do something else. Today it was having a game of cards with my nephew (which I won by the way 😎)

Yesterday I painted, but it was a watercolour I’ve wanted to attempt for a while and much more satisfying than painting a drawer.

My ideal day will be when the drawer is finally painted and reinstalled. Then there’ll be no guilty conscience about reading my book, picking up an artist’s brush or playing a game on my phone.

I was told once that we should do the thing we fear the most first – then you don’t have it hanging over your head for the rest of the day. It’s good advice.

Tomorrow, first thing, I’m painting that damn drawer! Then my day will be ideal 😊

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