What a Challenge!

In 2013 I packed up my life in a box – well, actually half a dozen boxes – left my job, and hit the road as a full time traveller.

Where was the challenge in that? It sounds exciting to leave ones life behind and create a whole new lifestyle… and it was (and still is). The challenge was not what lay ahead, it was what I had to leave behind.

Treasures I had collected over the years had no value to anyone but me. A beautiful silver fox cape my aunt bequeathed me became an op shop dress up bargain – animal fur is such a dirty word these days!

A pretty antique wooden folding chair was a give-away. A lifetime of photos, LP records, hundreds of CD’s and clothes, so many clothes, that would never suit my new life.

My sister ruthlessly helped me. “That can go!” “You won’t need that” “Take that to the op shop.” “What on earth have you been keeping that old thing for?”

Aaagh! 😩 I watched my life disappear into garbage bags and boxes.

My new life is simpler. I realise how little I need to live happily in my camper, which is just as well as there’s not much room inside for anything but the necessities 🚐

Things tend to fill up whatever space is available so after a few months in the comfort of my nieces home the cull is happening again. It’s not as traumatic this time around. I pack what I need not necessarily what I want.

I just have to make a space somewhere for my sketchbook and paints! Now, that’s going to be a challenge! 👩‍🎨🎨

Written in response to the Bloganuary daily prompt Write about a challenge you faced and overcame.

7 thoughts on “What a Challenge!

  1. We did pretty much the same when we moved here… now we have never moved as much in our whole lives and every time we reduce and as you say it’s not the same as that first time and yes it’s really amazing how little we really need 🙂

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